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If you’re looking to straighten your teeth in as little as six weeks, Inman Aligner™ could be the perfect straightening system for you. Inman Aligner™ is not only fast, but fully removable meaning little disruption to your lifestyle.

By focusing purely on the visible front teeth, Inman Aligner™ can quickly transform your smile at a lower cost than other straightening systems such as Invisalign. Ideal candidates for this treatment are patients with gaps between teeth, and protruding or misaligned front teeth.

The system is very discreet, meaning you’ll enjoy results without yourself or others noticing the aligner you used to achieved them. You’ll also be able to continue daily activities such as brushing, eating and drinking without any disruption.

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Questions about this treatment

Inman Aligner™ is popular as it offers impressive, fast results in as little as six weeks. It causes little disruption to daily life, and is a straightening system designed around you and your lifestyle.

Treatment can take as little as six weeks, but can take a little longer depending on the case. We recommend wearing your aligner as much as possible to reduce treatment time.

Inman Aligner™ is removable, making it a very popular option for patients at Alaska House Dental Practice. As it is removable, you can enjoy social events and activities without disruption. Whilst the system is removable, we recommend wearing it as much as possible as of course, the aligner can only straighten your teeth while you are wearing it.

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